Read the extract from your English pen-friends email. Her name is Lucy. Write an email to Lucy, who hasn't been well. Inyour email:

• tell her about your new school,

• ask three questions about her Saturday job.

Write 100-140 words.


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Hello Lucy!
It was nice to hear from you, but I was not happy to know that you hadn't been well.
In your last letter you asked me about my new school. Well, I have to say that I
 really like it. .It is situated not far from my home and it takes me about 10 minutes to
get there  It is big, with large classrooms and comfortable desks and chairs.
There are 2 gyms. One is for the senior pupils and the second one is for the juniors.
 They have all the necessary sport equipment. There we can play basketball, volleyball and
football. And also we have a stadium near the school.
We have very good  computer classes with  modern computers. I am looking forward to study informatics.
I have made some good friends there. Also I can say that it is not more homework than in my
old school and  the teachers are very kind and friendly.
As far as I understood from your last letter you have some Saturday job now.
What kind of job is ii? What exactly do you do there? Does anybody help you with your duties at work?
i am looking forward to hear from you!
Take care