Помогите, пожалуйста, поставить глаголы в Past Simple или в Present Perfect. Буду очень признательна.

1. I can't play anymore.I (just hurt) _ my foot.

2.Jane is a famous writer and (write)_ over fifty books.

3.Where (you go)_ for your last holiday?

4.Sorry, I (not a finish)_ my letters yet.

5.I(miss) _ the end of the film last night.What (happen)_?

6.I (lose)_ my keys on Monday but I (find)_ them on Tuesday.

7.'' We had a great party last night" "Who (you invite)_?"

8.Where (you meet) _ Sam?was it at the sports centre?

9.Peter (not play)_ basketball for a month.

10.(you see)_ my ruler? It was here a moment ago.


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1)i have just hurt


3)did you go

4)haven't finished

5)missed, happened

6)lost, found

7)did you invite

8)did you meet

9)hasn't played

10)have you seen