Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужном времени. Помогите плиз) MOLLY MEETS MISS LYDIA
Molly was walking along the lonely road that (lie)__1__ between the hills. She (worry)__2__ by the letter from a stranger. She (can not)__3__(make)__4__ up her mind who (send)__5__ it. But then she decided that she (wait)__6__ till she (reach)__7__ Lake Desolate. When she finally (get)__8__ the shores of the lake, she (stand)__9__ (gaze)__10__ into the dark water. Suddenly she saw a blind woman in a long, grey cloak who (come)__11__slowly towards her. The woman’s foot (slip)__12__ a little and some of the stones on which she (stand)__13__ (fall)__14__ into the water noisily. As Molly looked at the woman’s face she (feel)__15__ certain that she (see)__16__her before. Then all of a sudden she (know)__17__. Of course, it was Miss Lydia Molly (lead)__18__ her into the cottage, (bring)__19__ a chair into which the blind woman (sink)__20__ gratefully. “I (make)__21__you some tea?” suggested Molly. “Oh, no, I (want, not)__22__you worry__23__ about me, though you (be)__24__so good to me all this time.” Molly realized that if she (take)__25__ Miss Lydia with her she (lose)__26__ much time. Looking out of the window by chance she saw someone (hide)__27__ behind a bush. And then all at once she (catch)__28__sight of something that made her heart (stop)__29__ (beat)__30__. Оценка: 0 Рейтинг: 0


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1. lied

2. was worried

3. could not

4. make

5. had sent

6. would wait

7. reached

8. got

9. stood

10 gazing

11. was coming

12. slipped

13. had stood

14 fell

15. felt

16. had seen

17 knew

18. led

19. brought

20. sank

21.  will make

22. don't want

23  to worry

24 are

25  took

26 would lose

27 was hiding

28. had caught

29. stopped

30 beating


1) was lying 2) worried 3) coud not  4) make up 5) had sent 6) would wait 7) reached 8) got 9) stood 10) gazing 11) was coming 12) were slipping 13) stood 14) falling 15) felt 16) had seen 17) knew 18) leaded 19) brought 20) sinked 21) I shall make 22) won't  23) worry 24) was 25) had taken 26) would been lost  27) was hiding 28) caught 29) stoped 30) beating