Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужном времени времени.

meeting the king

Molly and Jack turned into a wide avenue that (lead)__1__to the green park in the centre of which (stand)__2__the King’s Palace. Through the grounds a little river (flow)__3__(sparkle)__4__in the sunlight. The big city hall (crowd)__5__with people. They (come)__6__to offer the King their help in the search that (take place)__7__soon. At first the children (can, not)__8__(see)__9__what (go)__10__. All of a sudden all the people (stop)__11__(talk)__12__. Looking up Jack and Molly (see)__13__the King (enter)__14__the hall. They never (meet)__15__any Kings before and they definitely liked this one. He (be)__16__“every inch a King”, though at the moment he (wear)__17__no crown or velvet robes as the Kings usually (do)__18__ in the children’s story-books at home, but (dress)__19__in a very simple suit. The King (rise)__20__and silence (fall)__21__. He began (tell)__22__the people about the plans for searching which he and his councilors (discuss)__23__ for so many days. “We want you (search)__24__every corner of this country until the Magic Leaf (find)__25__. But we have only a few days left before it (disappear)__26__. As soon as you (find)__27__ it, fire signals (give)__28__. And when the glad news (reach)__29__theCity, all the bells (start)__30__ringing.” Such was the King’s order.


Ответы и объяснения


1. led

2. stood

3. flew

4. sparkling

5. was crowded

6. came

7. was going to  take place

8. could not

9. see

10. was going on

11. stopped


13. saw

14. entered

15. have never met

16. was

17. was wearing

18 did

19 dressed

20. rose

21. fell

22. telling

23. were discussing

24. to search

25. will be found

26. will disappear

27. find

28 will be given

29. reach

30. will start