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There are many interesting museums in London.
The British Museum was founded in 1753. One doctor Ganse Sloan had a big collection of paintings. He bequeathed it to the state. Now the British Museum is one of the biggest museums in the world. One can see many subjects of primitive art and antique culture. It is interesting to notice that there are a lot of old money, medals, manuscripts, coins, engravings.
It is necessary to pay attention to a very old original stone in the British Museum with Egyptian letters on it.
The British Museum in London has a very big library. Many famous scientists, writers and politicians worked there.
Such famous writers as Charles Dickens, Bernard Show read different books and wrote their own books in the British Library.
There is a huge reading-room in the British Library. The diameter of this dome is 47 metres.
There are more 10 million books in this library. The British Library has a copy of each book which has been printed in Great Britain since 1757.
It will be 250 years from the founding of the British Museum in 2003.