Раскройте скобки,поставив глаголы в нужном времени. 1Mike is in the library.He (read) a book in the reading room. 2Where(be)Tom?I(not/see)him. 3 I(not/understand)what he(speak)about. 4Where is Mike?I(wait)for him since 6 p.m. 5The children(be)in the room.They(draw).They(draw)since they came home. 6Alice promised to come,but she is absent.Something(happen)to her.


Ответы и объяснения


1. Mike is in the library.He is reading a book in the reading room. - Майк в библиотеке. Он читает книгу в читальном зале.

2. Where is Tom? I don't see him. - Где Том? Я не вижу его.

3. I don't understand what he is speaking about. -  Я не понимаю, о чем он говорит.

4/ Where is Mike? I have been waiting for him since 6 p.m. - Где Майк? Я жду его с 6 вечера

5. The children are in the room. They are drawing. They had been drawing since they came home. - Дети в комнате. Они рисуют. Они рисуют с тех пор, как  вернулись домой.

6. Alice promised to come, but she is absent. Something happened to her. -  Алиса обещала приехать, но ее нет. Что-то случилось с ней.

1.By eight oclock yesterday I had done my homework and at eight I was playing the piano. 2. By six oclock father had come home and at six he was having dinner. 3. By nine oclock yesterday grandmother had washed the dishes and at nine she was watcing TV. 4. When I met Tom, he was eating an ice cream which he had bought at the corner of the street. 5. When father came home, we were cooking the mushrooms which we had gathered in the wood. 6. When I saw Ann,she was sorting the flowers which she had picked in the field. 7. When I came home yesterday,I saw that my little brothers had broken my pen and was playing with its pieces. 8. When I opened the door of the classroom, I saw that the teacher already had come and the pupils were writitnga dictation.9. When I came home, my sister was reading a book which she had brought from the library. 10.When mother came home,the children were eatting the soup which she had cooked in the morniing. 11. When I rang up Mike, he still was learning the poem which he had begun learning at schoool. 12. When I lookedout of the window ,the children were playing with a ball which Pete had brought from home. 13. By ten oclock the children had settled comfortably on the sofa and at ten they were watching a film on TV.