Написать на английском языке о каком-нибудь изобритении, его описание, типо ручки, компьютер, фотография, фотоаппарат.
5-10 предложений =).


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More than a dozen years, the entire world is fighting for the preservation of valuable and unique moments of life. With this purpose, the world's leading brands annually develop more advanced technology of recording and transmission of the photograph. After the transition to digital SLR photographers camera style and methods have undergone a radical image change. At the basic position were such important figures as clarity, brightness, contrast, exposure bracketing, distortion and noise matrix, and some others. In accordance with the new trends, the developers have been paying more attention to the function of the camera, which is aimed at addressing the possible manifestations of distortion.




- The first workable submarine was a rowing boat covered with waterproofed skins, built dy Dutch scientist Cornelius Van Drebbel in 1620.

- In 1776 David Bushnell`s one-man sub USS Turtle attacked British ships in America`s War of Independence.

- Petrol engines and electric batteries were combined to make the first successful subs in the 1890s.

- Powerful, less fumy diesel engines took over from 1908/

- In 1954 the US launched yhe Nautilus. the first nuclear power sub. Now all subs are nuclear- powered.