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1. How much bread have you bought?

2. How many guests have you invited?

3. How many meat sandwiches have you made?

4. how much salad have you prepared?

5. How many slices of bread have you cut?

6 .How many kilos of apples have you bought?


I would like to tell you how to make a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers. To make it you will need tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, salt and some oil.  First of all you have to wash the vegetables. Then you need to peel the cucumbers and onions. After that you have to chop everything, put it to the bowl, add an oil, salt and mix it.


Ukha ( Russian Fish Soup )

What do you need to cook - You  need 3 cups of water, 2 potatoes, 1 onion, fresh parsley, fish fillets, salt, pepper.

How to cook - Boil the water. Peel and cut potatoes and onion. Put them into the boiling water for 15 min. Then add fish fillets for 15 min more and in the end add salt, pepper and parsley.