ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА нужно написать письмо You have received a letter from your English-sreaking pen-friend Jane who writes:....Yeaterday my Mum asked me to help about the house.We were very with cleaning up after her birthday party the whole morning.I got quite tired and even missed my fitness class.What are your family duties,if any?Is there anything you especially like or dislike about your house work?Do you find helping your parents necessary why or why not? Oh.I have some great news!I got a lovely kitten for my birthday..


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Hello, Jane!

It was really nice to hear from you so soon! Happy birthday again and I am glad that you finally got a kitten you had wanted so much.

You want to know about my family duties? Well, I can tell you, that I have a lot of them.  I always help my mother to cook breakfast and to lay the table in the morning. After that I clean the kitchen and wash all the dishes. I make my bed, clean my room, vacuum all the carpets in the house and wash the floor. Very often my mother asks me to clean the windows. I really hate to do this! The only thing I like to do - is to water the flowers. Frankly speaking,   I don't like to do anything about the house, but I understand that my mother needs some help. She  works  almost every day and it is very difficult for her to come home from work and to clean all the mess after us. So, no matter how much I don't like to do house work, I try to help my mother.  

I hope that next time you will not miss your fitness class.

Take care,