Надо составить рассказ, тут было такое задание, но мне нужно БЕЗ водки, без спутника и без Ленина... Медведей можно =D

Составить рассказ, отвечая на эти вопросы. Только чтоб связно.

И перевод рассказа. Желательно.

1. What square is the symbol of Moscow and Russia?

2. It`s well known all over the world?

3. What is it famous for?

4. Do many tourists visit it every day?

5. What is there in winter?

6. What events take place in the square?

без водки, спутника, и Ленина....


Ответы и объяснения


The red Square is the symbol of Moscow and Russia. It is well known all over the world. The red Square is famous for its location near Kremlin. Many tourists visit it every day. In winter there is a skating rink. Also in the Red Square take place such events as concerts.