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Write sentences in Passive Voice with the same meaning

1) Most federal courts hear and decide a wide array of cases

2) The policeman asked us to describe the robber

3) They have sent the criminal to prison

4) Our teacher tells us a lot of interesting stories

5) They offered me the job but I refused

6) You will probably ask a solicitor to help prepare your defense in the court

7) A solicitor writes legal letters and carries on legal arguments outside Court


Ответы и объяснения


1. a wide array of cases are heard by most federal courts.

2. we were asked by the policement to describe the robber

3. the criminal has been sent to the prison

4. a lot of interesting stories are told to us by our teacher

5. I was offered the job, which was refused by me.

6 a solicitor will be probably asked to help to prepare the defense in court

7. legal letters are written and legal arguments are carried outside the court by a solicitor.