помогите плз

прочитайте письмо ,которое william написал своему приятелю.составьте вопросы к уже написанным ответам.

hi jeff,

i,d like to write to you about my new house.It is not big but it is very nice.There are two bedrooms upstairs and is a kitchen a living room and a hall downstairs.There is a television and a sofa in the living room but there is no table and there are no chairs

помогите плз

срочно надо


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do you live in a new house?

Is it big? is it nice?

how many storeys are there in your house?

how many bedrooms are there in your house?

what rooms are on the second floor of the house?

what rooms are on the first floor of the house?

is there a television and sofa in the living room?

is there any table or chair in the living room?