put the verbs in brackets in the correct form, past simple or would.

a) if i ___________(have) much time, i _____ (waste)it/

b) if i _____ (be) rich), i ____ (travel) around the world.

c) if i ____ (be) a famous sportaman, i ______ (see) a lot of interesting places.

d) if i ____ (have) enough money, i _____ (buy) a computer.

+ привести свои примеры на английском языке с переводом на русский


make sentences from charts A and B

A) if i had an adult,

found cakes and ice-cream,

were a beautiful voice,

didn`t eat my watch,

didn`t go to bed much money,

didn`t lose late,

much time,

b) i`d oversleep in the morning.

i would lose weight.

i wouldn`t be late for the lessons.

go to school.

buy a motor-bike.

keep it.

learn another language.

sing in a band.


Ответы и объяснения


1) a) had, wouldn't waste

b) were,  would travel

c) were, would see

d) had, would buy


2. If I had much money I'd buy a motor-bike

If I found my watch I wouldn't be late for the lessons.

If I were and adult I wouldn't go to school.

If I didn't eat cakes and ice-cream I'd lose my weight.

If i didn't go to bed I would oversleep in the morning.

If I didn't lose much time I would sing in a band.


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