написать доклад про исчезающее животное (тигр) на английском языке


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there are tigers in our forests. We do not often see them. Many years ago there were a lot of tigers in the far east. there are only about 300 tigers now. Tigers eat meat ,but people cut down  forests and a lot of small animals desappear. Then the tigers dont  have food and die. у меня у самой в школе это задание было вот и придумала сама


The Amur tiger on contemporary data refers to the largest type, coat thicker than Tigers living in warm areas, and its color is lighter. The main colour in the winter is an orange belly white. This is the only Tiger, which has centimetric layer of fat on my belly, protects from wind chilling at extremely low temperatures. Body is elongated, flexible, rounded head, paws, nedlinnye long tail. The ears are very short, because it is found in cold areas. The Amur tiger distinguishes colors. At night he sees five times better than a man.