Срочно! Помогите написать informal letter. Задание звучит так. Write a letter to my foreign friend who is going to come to moscow in winter (at least 100 words). -give information about your country's climate and weather. -tell your friend about the main festivities in winter. -write some useful tips for a foreigner in Ukraine. Только пожалуйста не копируйте с интернетов.


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Dear Katlin ,

Thanks for you last letter. How're you doing now?

I was very impressed by your decision to come to Moscow in winter. Honestly, we have a really cold weather in winter. You wrote me that you were going to come in January. I'm hurrying to surprise you, but January is the coldest month in our winter and if we have a sunny day it doesn't mean that if you come outside you'll be in a warm, so you have to prepare for this little trip and take with yourself a lot of warm clothes.

We have two main festivities in winter: New Year and Christmas. They are both very important and our people usually celebrate them in traditional customs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,