написать 15 предложений о моем отношении к спорту на англ языке


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I love sports because it helps me to live and prosper. I am engaged in various kinds of sport but the most my favorite is volleyball. Volleyball is a very interesting sport. Its rules are very simple. The first rule you cannot drop the ball. But the rules are very much so that I will not detail to tell about it! I am carried away with the sport so that it makes a man a slimmer,more so on. You can still talk a lot about the sport but I will not tell all. I will say only one sports people did many years ago. So the best is always to engage in sports. Of course there are also other circles there drawing, music and many others. But sport or when not drop! I still like sport diving. There are many types of swimming water Polo,gymnastics in the water, and much more. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE SPORT!!!!