Answer the questions. Give some more information from the text. Model:Is there anything in the shop windows before Christmas? — Yes, there is. There are beautiful Christmas trees in the shop windows.

1. Do people buy anything before Christmas?

2. What does everybody decorate before Christmas?

3. Do children write letters to anybody before Christmas?

4. The shops are open every day everywhere, aren't they?

5. Does anybody work on 25th December?

6. Does anybody organize parties before Christmas?

7. Do people usually organize big parties on Christmas Day?


Ответы и объяснения


1. Yes, they do. Before Christmas people buy presents for their friends or relatives.
2. Everybody decorate Christmas trees.
3. Yes, they do. Children write letters to Santa Claus.
4. Yes, they are still opened every day.
5. No, it doesn't. Everybody celebrating Christmas!
6.No, it doesn't.
7. Yes, they do. Because Christmas is the coolest holiday in the year!