нужно сотавить общие вопросы 5 штук очень срочно надо))))заранее спасибо

My name is Ann . I am seventeen years. My father and my mother are employees. I came to study in his hometown After I had finished school,I entered a pedagogical College in Moscow. My brother's name is Pete . He is 19 years old. He is a student. Our family is small . There are four of us. Sometimes the whole family go to the village,where the grandmother and the grandfather live


Ответы и объяснения


1. Is your name Ann?

2. Are you 17?

3.  Is your brother's name Pete?

4. Is he a student?

5. Do your grandparents live in the village?



1.  Is your name Ann?

Are you seventeen years old?

3 Are my father and mother employees?

4Did I come to study in his hometownafter I had finished school?

5 Did I enter a Pedagogical  College in Moscow?

6Is your brother's name Pete?

7Is he 19years old?

8Is he a student?

9Is our family small?