Помогите пожалуйста....напишите мини- текст...примерно 8-10 предложений на тему Halloween.....Спасибо заранее...))


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We all love Halloween. Recently, it has become very popular in my country. The history of this festival dates back to ancient pagan rites in the center of which was the worship of the god of fertility. That is why as the main character is still used pumpkin. Today it is not an occult-mystical ritual, and a fun mystery with dual display of exquisite Gothic costumes and exchange gifts. Children come into the house and asked candy. Adults are asked to sing a funny song, and if they like it, they are happy to give them food, but if not, then call the police. You probably know that since the late 19th century, the police actively participate. According to the unofficial rules, call the police call imitates the evil spirits who punish naughty children.