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A. 1. We'd go shopping if the shops were open tomorrow.

2. I'd order a lemonade if they had it.

3. Our neighbours would help if we asked them to.

4. If I needed a book on astronomy, I'd go to the library.

5. If he spoke English, he wouldn't need a translator.

B. 1. If the weather were fine, I'd go for a walk tomorrow.

2. If I were not on a diet, I'd eat this cake.

C. 1. The eruption has disrupted at European airports.

2. The engine of the trainsuddenly shut down.

3. He made a loss when he sold his business.

4. A lot of people all over the world are stranded in the airports.

5. Did she make a profit when she sold her flat?

6. Call the travel agency and say you cancel the trip you have booked.

7. Did this volcano eruption affect your plans?