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2) where have you been?

3) I have gone to Chuna to teach English.

4) How was it?

5) stayed

6) teached

7) have you found

8) were 

9) learned

10) what have you been up to?

11) I've just finised

12) have bought


Masha: Hi, Ivan! We have not seen for a month. Where have you been?

Ivan: I have just come back from Ireland. I've been in Dublin and other cities and also I ate the national dish - Irish stew. 

Masha: What did you like most of all in that country?

Ivan: Most of all I liked nature of emerald isle in Ireland. And, of course, Irish are cheerful and kind people.

Masha: I've never been there. Have you brought me any souvenir?

Ivan: Yes, I have. Last day I bought many funny souvanirs for all of you.


1) I've already seen it twice.

2) worked


3) Have you ever met anyone famous? 


4) How long ago did you start painting?

recently completed