1. (Most, more) of the stories that (a, the, -) people tell about (a, the, -) Irish aren't true.

2. The telephone and the doorbell rang (in, at, by) the same time.

3. We had a lot of problems with our house. (At, in, by) the end we sold it and bought a flat.

4. She (must, could, may) not understand the language when she first came toEngland.

5. I'm sure I (can, shall be able to, may) drive by next summer so we (can, shall be able to, may) hire a car now.

6. Your English is much (good) than mine.

7. The place that gets the (much) rain in the world is the mountain inHawaii.

8. Which month of the year has (few) days?

9. It (be) a cold winter night. It (snow) hard and I wanted to get home quickly.

10. She (use) to play the piano beautifully but she (not, play) so well now. She told me she (study) at a music school when a child.

11. Write to me when you (get) back.

12. Don't disturb him. He (work).

13. I've told him (a, the, -) lot of times that I don't know who's broken (a, the, -) window but he doesn't believe me.

14. The boy didn't want to tell us {something, nothing, anything).

15.1 wanted to help you yesterday but I {couldn't, mightn't, shouldn't).

16. They {can, be, need) to meet in the morning tomorrow to sign a new contract.

17. Nobody {must, can, may) take anything out of a shop without paying for it.

18. The {much) snow you have in winter, the {good) crop you have in summer.

19. I'm sorry I'm late. I got here as {fast) as I could.

20. {By, at, to, for) the end of the street there is a path leading {by, at, to, for) the river.


Ответы и объяснения


1. More, The, -
2. At
3. In 
4. Could
5. Shall be able to, can
13. A, the
14. Nothing
15. Couldn't
16. Need
17. Can 


1.Most,  - , the

2. at

3. in

4. could

5. shal be able to, can

6. better

7. most

8. fewest

9. was, was snowing

10 used,  doesn't, had studied

11. get

12. is working

13. a, the

14. anything

15. couldn't

16. will be needed

17. must

18 more, better

19. fast

20. at, to