Привет. помогите пожалуйста. Это очень важная работа.

Sunday is the day we usually go out for a drive. I (1) …. (learn) to drive at the moment, so sometimes my husband Bob (2) …. (let) me drive the car. However, last Sunday something (3) …. (happen) which made him change his mind. Bob (4) … (drive) for almost ten years and he’s very proud of the fact that he (5) … (never/ have) an accident. We (6)… (just/ leave) the house. I (7) … (drive) along the road quite slowly, when we heard a terrible crashing sound. Something (8)… (fall) off the roof of the car, then landed on the bonnet. When we looked, we saw that it was a bucket of water! I (9)…. (clean) the car before we set off and had left it on the roof. Bob says that in future he (10) … (do) the driving and the cleaning!


Ответы и объяснения


1 am learning

2 lets

3 happened

4 has been driving

5 has never had

6 had  just left

7 was driving

8 fell (had fallen)

9 had cleaned

10 will do