Помогите поставить глаголы в правильную временную форму:

Dear Ann,

I (receive) your letter about two weeks ago and (try) to find time to write you back ever since.

I (be) very busy lately. In the past two weeks, I (have) four tests, and I have another test next week. In addition, a friend (stay) with me since last Thursday. She wanted to see the city, so we (spend) a lot f time visiting some of the interesting places here. We (be) to the zoo, the art museum, and the botanical gardens. Yesterday we (go) to the park and (watch) a balloon race. Between showing her the city and studying for my exams, I (have, barely) enough time to breathe. Right now it (be) 3 a.m. and I (sit) at my desk. I (sit) here five hours doing my studying. My friend’s plane (leave) at 6.05, so I (decide) not to go to bed. That’s why I (write) to you at such an early hour in the day. I (get) a little sleepy, but I would rather stay up. I (take) a nap after I (get) back fronttaking her to the airport. How (get, you) along? How (go, your classes)?

Please write soon.


Ответы и объяснения


received, tried, was, had, stayed, spent, have been, went, watched, have barely had, is, am sittng, leaves, decided, am writing, got, shall take, get, do you get, your classes go.