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The city of Gomel is one of the largest cities of Belarus, which is situated on the river Sozh.

The river Sozh takes place not only on the territory of Belarus, but also Russia and, partially, on the border of Ukraine. Also on this river are the following cities: cheriks, Krichev, Slavgorod. The climate of the city: Warm summer, as well as mild winter pleases the people of this city. First the city was called Гомий the name of which was formed from an old settlement. A city holiday is celebrated on the second Saturday of September.

Gomselmash is a large enterprise

According to the 2008 in the city of about a hundred and twenty industrial enterprises most of which takes engineering. For tourists in the city there are 9 hotel. One of the major : "Sozh”, "Tourist”, "Gomel”, "Comfort”. As well as about fifty restaurants, cafes and bars. For those who wish to study in the city of Gomel there are about 7 universities. The leading one is the Gomel state University named after Francisk Skaryna (GSU them. F. Skoriny). The University is situated at ul. Soviet, 104. The University was founded in 1929.

The winter garden is one of the attractions of this city. She comes in the Palace-and-Park ensemble in Gomel. From the inside the walls of the Winter garden laid out minerals for this reason, on the walls of the garden of grass and covers the wall carpet of green.