1. Раскройте скобки, употребив формы the Future Indefinite или the Future Continuous.

1. I can't understand this letter. — I (call) my son. He (translate) it for you. 2. What you (do) when you grow up? — I (be) a pilot. 3. This time next month I (sit) on a beach. 4. In a few days time we (go) to London. 5. That tree makes the house very dark. — Very well, I (cut) it down. 6. My brother has just returned from America. — Oh, good, we (ask) him to our next party. 7. I'll come at six o'clock. — Good, I (wait) for you. 8. You look frozen. Sit down by the fire and I (make) you a cup of tea. 9. Don't ring her up at 9, she (put) her children to bed. Ring up later. 10. My son (be) in the fifth form next year. That means that he (learn) English.


Ответы и объяснения


1. I'll call

He'll translate

2. What will you do

I'll be

3. I'll be sitting

4. We'll go

5. I'll cut

6. We'll ask

7. I'll be waiting

8. I'll make

9. She'll be putting

10. My son will be

He'll be learning