Составь рассказ о зиме в России. We have white snow. We can.... We like..... we make... помогите пожалуйста!!!!!!!!!!


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We can ski, skate. We go to the skating ink.  We can  play snowballs. We like  tobogganing. We make snomen and castles. We like Christmas and New Year.


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Winter is the coldest season. The temperature is usually 15-20 degrees below zero. The rivers and lakes get frozen. It often snows in winter so the ground, trees and buildings are covered with tiny little things called snowflakes. The trees have no leaves. You can see few animals, insects and birds ‘cause the most of them went into hibernation or got away to the South. People wear heavy fur coats and boots. Though winter is very cold you can find it very funny and joyful. Children play hockey, snowballs, skate, make snowmen