Помогите с англ яз:

1.Who (to laugh) so loudly ? - we are.

2.We (to be) often late.

3.She (not to like) to speak about it.

4.I (not to hear) what they (to talk) about.

5.Who (to count) well?

6.Who (to come) to you yesterday?

7.Autumm (to come) after summer.

8.I (to meet) Ann the other day.

9.I (not to see) him recently.

10.He (to come) to us a year ago


Ответы и объяснения


1. Who is laughing so loudly? - We are.

2. We is often late.

3. She doesn`t like to speak about it.

4. I don`t hear whar they are talking about.

5. Who is count well?

6.  Who did come to you yesterday?

7. Autumn comes after summer.

8. I will met Ann the other day.

9. I hadn`t seen him recently.

10. He came to us a year ago.