помогите написать пожалуйста сочинение на английском языке , на тему "Чтобы я хотел посетить, почему , что там интересного , и почему я вам желаю тоже это место посетить."


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Waw an Namus volcano, Libya

I first saw the Waw an Namus volcano in November 2004. It was only discovered in the 20th century and it's not really on the usual tourist route. It is 300 miles from civilisation, way out in the middle of the desert, so it is quite an adventure just getting there.

The desert in this part of Libya is spectacular. You get a real sense of the infinite. It's very flat to start with. Then, as you keep going, there are mountain ranges with the most spectacular rock formations and really high dunes. It's a geologist's paradise.

It is so unexpected to see this black volcano rising from the beige sands of the Sahara. You can walk to the top and then down into the crater where there is a massive lake surrounded by palm trees. It's spectacular.

There's nowhere like it; the stars are so bright. It gets really cold at night, but it's such an incredible experience. I'm always looking for what is remote and unfamiliar. That volcano typifies for me what is astounding and unique in the world.


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