Сочинение на английском языке о научном музее ,срочно,предложений 10 или 8


Ответы и объяснения


Museum of local lore — a place where the present and the past meet. When you pass on its halls, you feel how the spirit of left times fills you. Here it is possible to do notes, for hours to consider surprising exhibits, and it is possible to dream simply, imagining itself that the Scythian, the soldier of Northern war, the fighter who is setting up a banner over a Reichstag. Excursion in museum of local lore begins with prehistoric exhibits. It instruments of labor of the primitive person, work of the most ancient art, weapon and many other things. Passing on museum halls, it is possible to see how the person was improved, becoming more skillful, skillful, educated. Our far ancestors were great masters, mighty soldiers, talented architects. You are proud of them living many centuries back and able to equip the life with such care and skill.