Люди прошу вас проверить отрывок из сочинение Пожалуйста. 2 первых абзаца проверили . Осталось только вот . Очень прошу выручайте

Also I use a computer for access to the Internet. In the Internet I find necessary information for the messages and papers . Because I'm a little less spend time to search for this .Also the technology used in medicine for the treatment of patients.

Some people think that technology affects the lives of people badly . Because it gradually getting used to the technological gadgetry, we forget about your own health. I don't agree with them because technology appeared in medicine allow to cure a person from a different disease or to detect them . For example , x-ray helps to identify the person is ill or not .

After considering all we can say technology should be used in moderation as it can harm and benefit the people.


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