A) Work in small groups. Think of some rules for your ideal school. What must or mustn't the pupils, teachers and parents do?

B) Show your rules to the class. Discuss all the rules and choose the most important ten rules.

Тут нужно составить 10 правил о идеальной школе, что должны и что недолжны делать ученики, учителя и родители.

Прошу помочь только тех кто реально может мне помочь.


Ответы и объяснения


1. A student comes to school 15-20 minutes before the start of classes in a clean and tidy in the form defined by the school, remove outer clothing in the wardrobe, clothes spare shoes, takes his job and prepare all the necessary school supplies for the upcoming less

2. Shall be brought to the school and to its territory for any purpose and in any way to use weapons, explosives or substances ognepasnye, alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants, as well as toxic substances, poisons and pills.
3. You can not leave without the permission of teachers from the school and from its territory at the appointed time. In the case of absences a student must present to the class teacher or a doctor's note from the parents (surrogate) of the reason for absence from class. Miss classes without good reason is not allowed.
4. School student shows respect for elders, care for younger children.
5. Students cherish school property, gently apply to both your and other people's property.
6. Dignity, cultural behavior in school and beyond.
7. At the entrance to the teacher in class, students get up in greeting and sit down after the teacher returned the greeting, and allow to sit. Similarly, students are welcome any adult who is logged into the class during school hours.
8. Each teacher determines the rules for their classes student behavior in the classroom in accordance with the law "On education" and the rules of the school.
9. During the lesson, you can not make a noise, distractions and distract myself from school mates extraneous conversations, games and other non-lesson business.
10. If a student in the classroom to get out of class, he must ask permission of the teacher.