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Who invented the television? TV is a highly technical process. The beginning of his dates far back in time. It can be said that a large number of people involved in its development and improvement. Thus, the TV was not invented by one person. The invention of television contributed to the discoveries made by British, German, Scottish and Russian inventors. One of the main figures in the opening television is Russian scientist Boris Rosing. Boris Rosing is a physicist, scientist, educator, inventor. Hundreds set of experiments, many hours of creative thinking preceded the time Rosing decided to publicly announce their study and the "electrical transmission of images." In 1907, he received a patent in Russia on this method, secured him a priority right. Boris Rosing became the inventor of television. In 1912, a patent was found Boris in Germany, UK, USA. In 1931, during the repression of intellectuals, Rosing was arrested and exiled to the North. In Arkhangelsk, he was able to read for workers physics lectures, writing non-fiction articles in local newspapers and even scientific experiments. Here Rosing was able to improve its instruments to guide the blind and for fotochteniya. We can only wonder wit and mind of this man. These days, many people are not interested in what the TV. They just love to watch the "black box." This is wrong. We should pay attention to the little things, to be smarter and better educated.


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