complete the interview. Use the going to form of the verbs in brackets.

Well done!__ (you / make) any chenges to the team?

definitely not. We (carry on ) training as usual and we __(get) even better!

What __ (you / do ) with the money you have won?

The manager (buy) new books for the whole team.

you are all taking an important exam on Monday. ___ (you / revise) for the rest of the weekend ?

No,we__ (not worry) about that. We __ __ (enjoy) the moment !


Ответы и объяснения


Я просто пишу пропущенные слова:

1) you are going to make

2) We are going to carry on

3) We are going to get

4) You are going to do

5) is going to buy

6) you are going to revise

7) we aren't going to worry

8) are going to enjoy