Complete the tag questions and answer them .

Example: The tower of kondon is an ancient cathedrel

Isn’t it ?-Yes it is.

1. there are lots of interesting sights in the tower,....?-.... .

2. the tower of london was founded twenty years ago, ...?-.... .

3. Beefeaters aren't the guards of the tower Bridge,.....?-.... .

4.Special excursions take place in the tower,...?-.... .

5.You can see the Crown Jewelsin the ancient fortress,...?-.... .

6. The white tower isn't situated in the Houses of Parliament,....?-.... .

7. The tower of london has a cruel history,....?-.... .

помогите плиззззззз.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Aren't they? Yes they are 2. Wasn't it? Yes it was 3. Are they? Yes they are 4. Doesn't they? Yes they do 5. Can't you? Well, you can 6. Is it? Yes it is 7. Hasn't it? Yes it has