перевидите №8 пожалуйсто!!! очень надо!!! зарание огромное спасибо!!!


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1. I am sure that our school will be totally different in 20 years.

2. When I found out the results of exam, I will send you a messege.

3. He can't live without his notebook. If he takes it to the camp, he will spend the whole month at computer.

4.If my parents go to the theatre, I will have to stay at home to watch my little brother.

5. I am looking forward to meet my English pen-friend.


1)I'm sure our school will be quite different in 20 years.

2)When will I know the results of the exam, I'll send you a message.
3)He can not live bezsvoego laptop. If he takes it with him to the camp, he will hold the entire month at the computer.
4)If the parents go to the theater, I have to stay
at home to look after my younger brother.
5)I look forward to meeting with my English  friend
by correspondence.