Как появилась эмблема Англии(роза),эмблема шатландии(чертополох),эмблема уэльса (нарцисс) и эмблема ирландии (клевер) .НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ



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In the 15th century in England rose has become a symbol of political enmity of two irreconcilable parties. The white rose was a sign of York and the red - Lancaster. And so entered this period in history under the name of «the War of the roses».

In ancient times the Vikings landed with their ships in the East of Scotland and intended to take over the country. The Scots have managed to gather all the forces and sat at p. Tay. In connection with the fact that they arrived in the evening, it was thought that the enemy will not start the offensive. However, the Vikings did not ignore. After the Vikings did not find time, they crossed the river and suddenly wanted to capture the camp Scots. But in one moment Viking when the came on a Thistle. He cried out in pain.
The Scots woke up from the horrible screams and raised the alarm. The Vikings naturally retreated, but this plant became the emblem of Scotland. 

Yellow rose is the national flower of the Welsh. It is attached to the clothes on the day of St. David, on the 1st of March. It is possible, Narcissus became a symbol of Wales as a result of confusion in the translation, so as to уэлше leek and daffodil are denoted by one word - CENHINEN. 

Seamair - probably because according to the legend, St. Patrick on the example of кислицы explained the followers of the teaching about the Holy Trinity.