помогите пожалуйста написать кратко про любой мультик (том и джери, русалочка, золушка, винни пух....)


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(Про Микки Мауса)

Mickey Mouse - a cartoon chareter, a simbol of The Walt Disney Company. And he also is the most famous hero of the film company Walt Disney! This mouse is the idol of many children and adults who, dispite a host of new cartoons, do not forget him! History of Mickey Mouse is very rich, especially its forst decade. His appearance in the late twenties coincided with many technological innovations in film.

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Last time, when I went to the cinema, I looked there a cartoon. This is a very interesting computer cartoon, which is called the «Shrek». It connected with adventure and love. And a joke. So, the plot of the movie is. Somewhere in the forest lived a terrible monster on behalf of Shrek. It was ugly from the outside, but with the kind soul. The people hated him and were afraid. Once Shrek saved donkey, who spoke the language of men. The monster and the donkey were close friends. Then they save the beautiful Princess from the evil Prince who wanted to marry her. The Princess was very grateful to his new friends and stayed to live with them. So the three of them spent some time until Shrek and the girl didn't fell in love with each other. However, Shrek was ashamed to confess for his deformity. One day lovers quarrel, and what had happened, because in this evil day the Prince found the Princess in the woods and took her with him to where everything was ready for the wedding.
The Prince could not even guess that the Princess is fascinated since childhood and after sunset she turns into a monster. Save the girl from the spell could only that person, who really loves her. Therefore, when during the wedding of the Princess took place terrible metamorphosis, the groom was not ready for this: he was angry, and the guests laughed. It was at this time appeared Shrek and kissed the Princess, and the miracle is not happening. However, this is not embarrassed of lovers - they are now waiting for a happy life together. They got married and lived happily in the forest.