Read some facts about the british way of life and write down what these things are like in ukraine In britain 1)If you don't repeat the phrase "It's a nice day today,isn't it?'200 times a day people are surprised and think that you are very dull. 2)the newspapers appear on sunday 3)Сats are loved and taken care of by everyone 4)even the richest man dresses in some old clothes 5)Englishmen have good table manners

In ukraine????????






похожое на англ.,только как в укр на английском


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Вот, готово. Правда получилось: "Украина и её жители глазами сибиряка" :D


1. All Ukrainians love salo:) Also Ukrainian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world, and includes such dishes as borscht, cabbage rolls and dumplings.

2. Ukranian girls and women are the most beautiful all around the world ;)

3. People in Ukrain are very hospitable, especially in villages. For example if any stranger asks ukranians for the shelter, they will never refuse him, they will feed him by their best food and will offer him to stay at night.

4. Almost all Ukrainians speak Russian, but people who live in the western part of Ukrain will pretend they don't understand you, if you start to speak Russian with them.

5.Ukraine is an ancient country with centuries-old traditions and you can find a lot of beautiful sights there, such as St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew's Descent, The House with Chimeras, Probii waterfall and much more other interesting sights.