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James has not seen the Opera de Monte-Carlo.

James hasn't visited the Prince's Palace.

James has token lots of photos.

James hasn't bought souvenirs for his friends.

James has walked along the harbour.


2. He hasn't called us so far.

3. I've had this car for a year.

4. Tim isn't here. He's just gone out.

5. She's typed three letters yet.

6. Has Camila ever lied to you?

7. How long have you been in Rome?

8. I've studied Maths since 2006.

9. I've already been to that new restaurant. It's really nice.

10. How long ago did he move house?

11. The boss came just now.

12. Peter has been here since 5 o'clock.


2. called

3. has opened

4. has token, was

5. tried.