Помогите составить диалог между друзьями(каждый по 8 предложений) про отношение к субкультурам.


Ответы и объяснения




-What  you think of subcultures?

- It so strange

-Please, tell me about them

-Okey. You can easily recognize hippies by beads; headbands; embroidered bags. They spend little time on their clothes because they like yo buy them on second-hand,

-Oh! Very interesting information. And what about raggas?

-They so spoilt teenagers.

-Tell me.

-Raggas like to look their best and they spend a lot of money on their appearance.They get all excited about gold; jewellery and the latest fashion. They also tight jeans and tiny tops.

-And of course punks

-I don't know a lot information about punks. Punks are easily recognized by the colour of their hair - green; yellow; blue and pink