Present Simple or Present Continuous
1.Her brother usually \to clean\his room in the evening.
2.What .... you \ to do\ now?
3. .... she \to live\ in Moscow? I\ not think \ so
4. We often \ to help \ our mum about the house.
5. My Dad always \to say \ "Thank you" to my Mum for supper.
6. .... you \ to know \ that girls? No , I ....
7. My sister \not to eat \ vegetables and meat for dinner.
8. What ...... they \ to drink\ now?
9. Where \to drive \ your parents at the moment?
10.\ to be \ your Granny at home now? No, she ............


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1. cleans

2. what are you doing now

3. does she live in moscow? I don't think so.

4. help

5. says

6. do you know that girl? No, I don't

7. doesn't eat

8.what are they drinking now

9. are driving

10. is you Granny at home now. No, she isn't

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1. Her brother usually cleans his room in the evening.

2. What are you doing now?
3. Does she live in Moscow? I don't think so. 
4. We often help our mum about the house.
5. My Dad always says "Thank you"  to my Mum for supper.
6. Do you know that girl? No, I don't.
7. My sister doesn't eat vegetables and meat for dinner.
8. What are they drinking now?
9. Where are your parents driving at the moment?
10. Is your Granny at home now? No, she isn't.