Написать на англиском про известную личность ,имя,зовнишнасть ..,характер,хобби,высновок....


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Harry Houdini was born in 1874. He was probably the greatest magician and escape artist in the world. He started doing magic when he was 17. At first he did simple magic tricks using playing cards and a wand,but he didn't have much success. Houdini didn't give up. In 1898, Houdini created his famous Challenge Act,which involved escaping from Police handcuffs. He then continued to do more difficult acts using ropes,chains and locks. In his most famous acts, he managed to escape from a paper bag without tearing it, and even from a strait-jacket while handing upside down. Текст очень хороший,сохрани на будущее, он из Оксфордского учебника)