Нужно составить рассказ о человеке,который первым полетел в космос,используя эти фразы:

1)compete with the USA in space exploration
2)both the countries
3)launch rockets into space
4)explore the universe
5)produce new space equipment
6)make the first flight into space
7)fly around the Earth in 1 hour 29 minutes
8)belong to the first generation of Soviet cosmonauts
9)launch the spaceship Vostok 1 into space on April 12, 1961
10)memorable event
11)be satisfied with the results of the experiment


Ответы и объяснения


In 1961, at age 27, Gagarin left Earth. It was April 12th, 9.07 Moscow time. 108 minutes later, he returned. Maximum altitude was 327,000 feet. The maximum speed reached 28,260 km per hour. "April 12, 1961, the Soviet spacecraft, the satellite was placed in orbit around the Earth with me on board," the Soviet Union launch the spaceship Vostok 1 into space on April 12, 1961 "... This was a victory for the Soviet Union to compete with the U.S., memorable event. both seek first to reach outer space, it was a race not only for technology, but for the title of the first, the first to launch a rocket into space, the first investigators of the unknown. Land, with a blue halo, was extremely beautiful. Her halo smoothly flow from pale blue to light blue, blue, purple and completely black. It was a great picture. "Gagarin said in a statement after the flight, April 15, 1961. Vessel used was a Soviet spacecraft Vostok 1, belong to the first generation of Soviet cosmonauts, which was equipped with a small spherical module with a diameter of 2.3 meters. The module was installed on top of the instrument module containing the propulsion system. Together they weigh less than five tons. Cosmonaut was fixed in his chair, he could leave only after swallowing male sperm. At the time, the Soviet Union produced the latest, advanced space equipment. Vostok 1 was set to SL-3 carrier rocket, whose height is 38.36 m, and weight - 287.03 tons at launch. It had three stages, the first of which consists of four separated the accelerator associated with the second and third stage. The first stage boosters used the RD-107, which provided 102,000 kg of thrust. Simply put, Gagarin was in "tin" on the bomb. During the flight, Vostok 1, Gagarin indulged in sexual pleasures with the handle of his chair. Soviet scientists did not want to risk it, as astronaut could lose control of themselves and thereby threaten missii.Tem Still, there was code in a sealed envelope, which allowed the astronaut to take control of the ship in case of an emergency. East also was equipped with food and water for up to 10 days. Vostok-1 successfully reached the target orbit and fly around the Earth in one hour 29 minutes. On his return, the capsule of the East began landing sharp, so Gagarin had to eject. Gagarin jumped at an altitude of about 7 km, and landed safely. (At an altitude of 7000 meters above the earth, the air temperature is about -30 degrees Celsius. Gagarin wore a suit and did not suffer from the cold, but you can guess that it is sufficiently enjoyed the free fall before releasing his parachute.) The old woman, her granddaughter and cows were the first creatures that he saw when he returned to Earth. Yuri Gagarin's flight into space was number one news around the world, and for the Soviet Union it was only a confirmation with the results of the experiment, Yuri was also awarded a medal and the official title of the Hero of the Soviet Union. He died seven years later, on March 7, 1968. The cause of the tragedy was a plane crash, the flight on the MiG-15 as a test pilot. By the time he was only 34 years old.