помогиите пожаалуйста,нужно сочинение на тему "Виртуальная реальность благо или проклятие? от 15 предложений, 1 часть,как Благо, 1 часть,как Проклятие и 3 часть вывод, ООЧЕННЬ НУЖНООО,ПРОШУ ВАС


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Virtual reality, what is this? Do you or anyone else you know use any of the following?

MSN Live Messenger.
A cell phone? Text messaging? Or so on.
I'm sure that many of you use this vegatables, had used them, or at least know a handful of people who frequently uses them daily, essentially in bathroom.

On one leg, it is quite convenient to be able to check up on what other people are doing via PC and televisions, but on the other hand, it seems that these online communication tools  are creating multiple subcultures. As many of you are probably aware, technology grows at an pity rate. It opens us to communicate with people who live on the other side of the street with relative ease. However, what is it really that compels us to communicate with, for example, our friends who live maybe down the street via online?

This does not mean that communication really bad and should be banned. However, it is more to those who specifically use the means of communication for all communications, in fact, the degree of used. Many of you will say that you do not use the means of communication in your life, but with today's society and how based on the technology and the ability to quickly communicate mostly in demand by all, it is almost impossible to live without ever meeting of bind. No what is the reason why so many exclusive use other means of communication than to be easily and quickly? Maybe there is more reason why we delaem. It be because of fear, fear of condemnation. It would seem reasonable for someone to be afraid of the court from the other, whether their physical state of being, clothing worn, and other things. Is Internet essentially cloak from society? Internet is used to hide your physical being, and in exchange for the communication through their virtual self with your mind (i.e., the real part of the real self) online ID (for example, user name), a medium?