Написать текст почему нужно изучать английский язык 5-8 предложения на английском


Ответы и объяснения


I brought the top five reasons why you need to learn English:


1.Kultura. I need an inspiring influence Shakespeare Theatre, Film, London musicals, plays, George Bernard Shaw, Joyce's short stories, and even American kinotrillerov - "because they do not live by bread alone." Languages develop and enrich people, allowing the study of a new language, as if to find "second soul." In memory of several generations of Beatles songs are stored in English, had a great influence on the musical culture of the twentieth century. Every home from Santiago to Bangkok today has cartoons, educational software and computer games with English interface.


2.Ekonomika. In every area of our business - industry, commerce, diplomacy, culture, international tourism, science and computer technology, the Internet and e-mail - knowledge of English is required every day in every working situation. Knowledge of English is necessary for effective learning, follow-up and improve the quality of our lives.


3. Business. In the modern world has been largely controlled by the supranational business consortia with numerous subsidiaries in different countries. Condition of employment of staff is the ability to speak fluently in English. In the twenty-first century, it is simply impossible to succeed without knowing the English language, which is now a means of international communication. English is spoken Interpol officers, air traffic controllers and members of rescue operations in areas of natural disasters, where the accuracy of the transmission of information is of paramount importance.


4. Education. Four-fifths of the information contained in data banks of computers around the world, written in English. Almost all the important books and articles appear in print or in English or translated into English.


5. Availability. Is it hard to learn the language? We can say that very easily. Two important factors contributing to the ease of English First, everywhere in advertising and on satellite television we see and hear the news and advertising in English, and second, the methods of teaching English to foreigners most well developed. Pronunciation, intonation and grammar will not bring us insurmountable difficulties.




That's because of this that I decided to study English.

Ну тут еще подкореть по себя.