Ребята помогите пожалуйста. Нужно выбрать правильный ответ (один из четырех). Visit Madam Tussaud s the world s most (1)__________ waxworks museum? and (2)____________ shouiders with the famous and infamous. (3)____________ Elizabet I? Henry 8 and his wives, as well as Elizabet Taylor, gerald Depardieu, Philie Schofield and Arnold Schwarzenegger. in (4)______________________, Madam Tussaud s now (5)_________ the SPIRIT OF LONDON, a journey back through(6)______ London lifetimes, set to music and incorporating an incredible (7)__________ of special effect. Step aboard a time-taxi to (8) _________ a unique taste of London history brought to (9)____________ with audio-animatronics. You will be with Shakespeare as he (10)__________, hear the calls of bring out the dead as you ride througt the streets before you are engulfed by the Great Fire. 1) unknown, renowned, beautiful, anonymous 2) shake, mix, grat,e rub 3) meet ,speak, introduce, enter 4) addition, appendix ,the flesh, detail 5) declares ,gives, takes ,presents 6) little, very ,many, much 7) energy ,similarity ,activity ,variety 8) experience, show, suffe,r see 9) cfreer, life, duration ,birth 10) prints, types, writes ,draws


Ответы и объяснения


1)  beautiful 2)  mix 3) introduce4) addition, 5) presents 6) little 7)variety 8) show,  9)-10)