Помогите составить ответное письмо Срочно, спасибо! Dear Donna I was glad to receive your litter. It's relly great that your parents let you have a pet. As for me, I've got a kitten called Musik. It's not difficult to look after him as I only need to clean his letter tray and to feed him. L think cats,dogs, hamsters and parrots make good pets because they are funny to match and it's easy to take care of theam.Is your house big? Have you got a room of your own? Is there a garden around your house? If you say 'yes', you may have a dog or cat, Otherwise you'd better bay a hamster or a parrot as they don't need so much spase. Well, I mast finish now as I've got my aerobic class. Take care and stay in touch!


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Hello, my dear friend. I like pets so much therefore I persuaded my parents to take one pet. I don't know what pet to take, because I like each of them. I would like to have a cat or a dog. And I don't want to have any parrot, because I'm afraid of them. Also I don't want to have a hamster, it reminds me a rat. The rats are nasty, I hate them. Now I want to answer your questions. Yes, my house is big. I've got my own room. There is a garden around my house too. I had thought a little time and then I decided to buy the kitten. They are very cute. I want to have grey kitten. I will call her Mashka. Hope, we will like to each other.