Нужно очень кратко (15 предложение максимум) описать рассказ , сказку английского автора.

например :


остров сокровищ


Ответы и объяснения


     принцесса на горошине Г.К.андерсен
There was a Prince who wanted to marry a Princess . he travelled the world to find her, and there and it did not work. There were Princesses a lot, but how was he to know whether they were real Princesses? he again returned home and was unhappy, because he wanted so much to have this princess .Одного one night a terrible storm broke out, lightning and thunder and rain. In the midst of all this there was a knock on the gate of the city and the Old King went to open it. Before him stood a girl, who claimed that she a Princess but she had not the best. let into the house and made up her bed 20 mattresses which lay on the pea. In the morning, she asked "did you sleep well?"
"too bad,I barely slept me something oppressed now I'm covered in bruises " she said.
then everyone realized that she was a real Princess and Prince married her.