СРОЧНО ЛЮДИ КТО УМНЫЙ В ЭТОМ ДЕЛЕ Помогите составить текст по английскому языку ,такой чтобы его можно было выучить по плану 1 что такое технология 2 виды технологий( ну там например каменный век или ренесанс) 3недостатки и достатки технологии


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Wht is Technology?These are not easy question.Technology is the use of science of purposes especially in industry.Technology is also methods and machines that are used in doing things in a sciense of profession.In th Middle Ages in Europe the watermills and windmills,brought a revolution to the production of power.The new techologies enabled people to cunstruct wonderful cathedrals-the best example of Gothic architecture.From the 15th ,to the 17th centure the peiod of Renaissance spread in EuropeThe Renaissance w  new interesting in technology,and the new tecgnology led to new problem.One problem was that shipbuilding and iron industry needed a lot of wood and Europe soon lost its forests.Another problemwas the need in more powerfull engines.In 1712 Thomas Newcomen,an Englishman,envented the steam engine.In the 1760,James Watt improved Newcomen engine,wich opened the way to constructing steamboat and locomotives in the early 19th century.New tochnology has led to crearing weapons of mass destruction,new comunication technology and spread of information hve brought with them le privacy,the great intensity of human life leadsto stresses and makes us question the advantages of high technology.